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Venom’s claw slammed into the ground, sending earth and rock exploding out in all directions. Athena and Fluffs dodged the attack, with Fluffs flying up high to get a good vantage and Athena jumping off a nearby tree to get behind the Drapion. Hood, standing on top of Venom’s head, kept an eye on both Fairy Types as they moved around them. He turned toward Athena and lobbed a Sludge Bomb her way. Athena raised Ragnarok’s shield, he activated King’s Shield, and the Sludge Bomb harmlessly splatted across the shield; beads of poison goo rolling off the shining metal. Fluffs took the opportunity to launch Energy Ball at Hood, but Venom intercepted the attacking with his claws using X-Scissor.

“Honestly girls, you don’t’ stand a chance against me and Venom. Not only are we of the Evil Type, the most powerful type in the world, but we have the advantage with our poison attacks.” Hood exclaimed, standing smugly on his partner.

“Why are you Evil Types doing this!?” Athena shouted back, pointing Ragnarok’s blade at Hood.

“I’m just following orders lady,” he replied, “Venom is in this gig for the same reason. Our boss has specific orders for us to kill as many fighting and fairy types as we can, as they are a Dark Type’s only weakness.”

Venom also chimed in. “The leader of the Evil Type wants to get rid of all that oppose him and his philosophy. We are simply an extension of his influence.” He then launched a Cross Poison attack toward Fluffs, who successfully dodge it. The attack collided with a tree behind her, cutting it to pieces. Fluffs responded with Gust. However, Venom was too big and heavy to be affected by the little Whimsicott’s attack. Realizing she was outclassed by Venom, she activated Safeguard on her and darted away as he lunged toward her, with Hood still throwing Sludge Bombs at Athena.

“Why don’t you try something that won’t hurt anyone, Evil Type included?” Fluffs asked, with Venom still chasing her.

“It is what the leader commands. You’ll have to take it up with him.” Venom said, his mouth glowing purple with a prepared Poison Fang.

“Your master is delusional.” Ragnarok stated. “Does he honestly think he can achieve total world domination over all types?”

“He does.” Hood answered. “Either all will bow to him, or all will die.”

“You have to understand something,” Athena informed him, “No matter what he does or says, there will always be someone that will stand up for what they believe is right.”

“No, you have to understand something…” Hood interjected. He leaped off Venom’s head, activating High Jump Kick. Athena raised the shield, preparing to block. But suddenly, Hood landed just in front of her, his leg still glowing. And before Athena or Ragnarok could react, Hood spun around, dragging the leg on the ground, sweeping underneath Athena’s legs; he wasn’t using High Jump Kick, but instead was using Low Sweep. The attack caused the Gardevoir to trip over his foot. In one fluid motion, Hood activated Poison Jab, and before Athena could do anything, Hood’s fist collided with Athena’s chest, landing a direct super effective attack. Athena was sent flying back, smashing into a tree, and slumping to the ground, reeling from the attack. Hood looked at her, “…no one can or will stop the Evil Type.”

Fluffs was in shock. Athena was in serious pain from the Poison jab. “ATHENA!” she screamed as she began to fly over to her. But without warning Venom made his move, and caught the Whimsicott between his claws, holding her tight so she couldn’t move. Ragnarok separated from Athena and charged up a Sacred Sword Attack on Hood.

“How dare you!?” he shouted as he charged Hood. But using his tail, Venom intercepted Ragnarok, grabbing hold of the blade and moving him out of Hood’s way. Now both Fluffs and Ragnarok couldn’t move or attack. Athena was still affected by the power of Hood’s Poison Jab.

“Not so tough now are you, Valkyrie Pokemon.” Hood taunted, walking over to the powerless Gardevoir. “You are strong I will say that. But against the Evil Type, you didn’t stand a chance.” He stood before her, charging another powerful Poison Jab. Fluffs and Ragnarok tried as much as they could to break free, but Venom’s grip was too strong. Athena lay paralyzed before Hood, who raised his fist, ready to finish her. “The boss will be very impressed with what we accomplished today. The Evil Type will purge all that oppo….” He was suddenly cut off as a sharp green object pierced through Hood’s chest from behind. Hood, shuddering in sudden pain, looked at the object that stabbed straight through him. Fluffs’, Ragnarok’s, and Venom’s jaws dropped. Athena gasped as she saw a figure stand right behind Hood, its back to his. The figure stood tall, stoic, and still. He had white legs and arms, one of which had its elbow pressed into Hood’s back. And with a head that resembled a warrior’s helmet, Athena’s eyes shrank upon recognizing the Pokemon; a Gallade. In a low voice, he spoke to Hood.

“Like she said, someone will always stand up for what they believe is right.” He then retracted the elbow blade that punctured Hood’s chest. Soon after, Hood fell hard to the ground with a pool of blood forming underneath him. He lay motionless on the earth; dead.
The forest had returned to its calm nature. The chirps and squeaks of various Pokemon could be heard in the distance and the air was nice and cool. Athena continued her walk through the woods, with Ragnarok hanging on her back and Fluffs floating beside her. The Windveiled Pokémon drifted through the air, smiling and humming to herself, excited to be heading toward…..

“Hey, I’ve been meaning to ask,” Fluffs said. Athena turned to her. “Where are we going?” The Gardevoir looked forward.

“Wherever the wind takes us,” she responded.

Fluffs squinted her eyes at Athena. “Are you saying that just because I’m here?” She giggled at her joke, but Athena said nothing.

“I get it!” Ragnarok chimed in, acknowledging Fluffs joke.

“Thanks Ragnarok.” Fluffs said. “But in all seriousness, is that how you travel? You guys literally wander around until something happens?”

“Not usually, but right now, we don’t really have anywhere to go at this point. So we’ll head back to the Hub and go from there.”

“So that’s where the “wind” is taking us?”

“You can say that.” Athena said. Fluffs frowned with disappointment. Athena had been a massive enigma since they met. Unlike most Gardevoir, who were kind, caring, nurturing, and above all, passive, Athena was quiet, distant, and more importantly, aggressive. What made her this way? Why does she fight like this? Why does Athena identify herself as the “Valkyrie Pokemon”? Perhaps one day, Fluffs would find the answers she was looking for.

The group continued their way through the woods. Just then, Fluffs heard a slight rustling behind her. She turned just in time to see a purple ball of slime arcing straight toward Athena. Fluffs acted fast, jumped behind her, charged Energy Ball, and shot it at the Sludge Bomb, the two exploding on contact. Athena spun around, seeing the smoke from the attack and Fluffs floating in front of her. Both then looked forward to see a familiar figure standing in front of a bush.

“Shoot. I thought I had the element of surprise.” Hood shrugged. Ragnarok detached from Athena’s back and handed her his shield. He then wrapped his arms around her right arm, Athena grabbed Ragnarok, and the two were ready to fight.

“Didn’t you get the picture? I took out all of your Scraggy with little to no trouble at all.” She said to the Hoodlum Pokemon.

“Yeah, and not only that. There’s three of us and only one of you.” Fluffs added. Hood only closed his eyes and smiled.

“You’d like to think that wouldn’t you. This time, things are in my favor.” Athena looked at Ragnarok. She let go of the sword, which then flipped himself 180 degrees so that he was pressed against Athena’s arm, allowing her to use her right hand. She raised her arm toward Hood.

“Let me show you just how wrong you are Hood.” Then pink energy began to collect in her hand, forming a ball that was steadily growing in size. Fluffs soon recognized the attack that was about to be shot; Moonblast. Fully formed, Athena shot the Moonblast at Hood. It screamed straight toward him, but he didn’t budge, or even open his eyes. The blast exploded as it made contact, sending up a large plume of smoke and pink fire. Fluffs stood slack jawed at the power Athena’s attack had. She looked at her, who seemed to be quite satisfied with her attack. But just then, the three could hear something. It was coming from the smoke. After a while, they were able to hear laughing. As the smoke cleared, Hood stood exactly where he was, protected by two large, purple, segmented arms. Athena and Fluffs stood in shock. Hood looked up at them, the arms moving out of the way, planting themselves in the ground. It could also be seen that the arms were coming out of the bush behind Hood. Even worse, Hood leaped up, landing on top of the bush.

“Like I said, you think you have the advantage.” He then looked down at what he was standing on. “You ready Venom?”

“You know I am.” A low, gravelly voice spoke up, seeming to be coming out of the bush. Fluffs gulped and looked Athena, who had a worried look on her face. It could also be seen that Athena was slowing backing up. A low rumble was heard and a large creature burst out from the bush, shredding it. The creature came to a halt, fully revealed, with Hood riding on its head. Its entire body was segmented and purple, just like its arms. Fluffs eyes shrank upon realizing that Hood was being aided by none other than a Drapion, the scourge of Fairy Pokemon.

“Meet my buddy, Venom.” Hood introduced his mount. “He’ll be helping me kill you today.”
“That’s a lovely name.” Fluffs complemented Athena. “I guess it’s fitting for someone like you.” She giggled at the comparison, but Athena didn’t laugh at all. Silence fell over the woods. Fluffs had the break the awkwardness somehow. So she quickly flew over to some of the Pecha Berries that had been dropped in the battle with the Scraggy and flew back to Athena. She held out a berry for her.

“It’s the least that I can do for saving me.” Fluffs waved the berry in her hand, waiting for Athena to take it. But Athena only looked at the sword and shield still in her hands. Fluffs soon noticed that her hands were “full”. “Oh, I totally forgot.”

“As did I,” Athena said, “pardon me one moment.” She slipped her left hand out of the shield, placing the metal disk on the tree root. Then she looked at the sword. “Ragnarok, you can let go now.”

Fluffs was confused. Why would Athena be talking to her sword? But just then, a singular eye on the hilt looked up at Athena, and then at Fluffs, startling her and making her almost drop the berries.

“Oh right,” the sword said, in a sharp, metallic voice, “I guess we’re done fighting here.” The ribbon like material that was wrapped around Athena’s arm unwound itself into two black cloth-like arms with purple hands. The sword floated beside the root that Athena was sitting on. “Sorry if I startled you Fluffs.” Fluffs just kept staring at the sword.

“My apologies, this is Ragnarok the Aegislash,” Athena said, “He’s my partner.” The sword then bowed to Fluffs.

“Please to meet ya.” Ragnarok said bluntly, ignoring the stunned state Fluffs was in. She was still trying to make sense of Ragnarok, as she had never seen an Aegislash before.

“………right.” Fluffs collected herself and handed Athena the Pecha Berry. She took the berry from Fluffs and began eating it. “So……I guess I’ll ask the obvious question.” She looked at Athena and Ragnarok with a raised eyebrow. “How did you two meet?”

Athena looked at Ragnarok, still eating her berry, obviously indicating that he should answer. So he did.

“Well, I met Athena when she was a tiny little Ralts.” Athena glared at him for that detail.

“He was a little stubby Honedge too,” she retorted, her mouth still had chewed berry in it.

“HEY!” Ragnarok shouted, taking offense to the remark. Athena only smirked at him, still chewing her berry. He sighed and continued. “As I was saying, we met when we were pretty young. She and I formed a pretty strong bond as kids and we became good friends. Then, when she had evolved into a Kirlia, she has the crazy idea of working together as a warrior wielding a sword like a Farfetch’d with its stalk. I decided to let her try and wouldn’t you know it? It works, and we formed a pretty powerful force. She uses her psychic abilities at long range, and I cover the close quarters. It’s a pretty tricky set up to counter.”

“How do you guys stay in sync with each other?” Fluffs asked. “During that entire battle, you two weren't saying anything.”

“You obviously see that my arms wrap around her right arm when we pair up. That isn’t just for making sure she never gets disarmed. You see, she uses her psychic powers in tandem with my spectral powers to establish a mental link with each other through our arms. Basically, we speak telepathically with our arms.”

Fluffs scratched her head. “I see. I guess that makes sense. Well, what attacks do you guys use?”

“Athena uses Psychic, Calm Mind, Magical Leaf, and Moonblast, while I use King’s Shield, Shadow Sneak, Swords Dance, and Sacred Sword. Pretty powerful stuff.” Ragnarok put his hands on his “hips”, feeling good about himself. Athena had just put the last bit of Pecha Berry in her mouth, and Fluffs just looked that the sword. Ragnarok began to feel a bit awkward. “So, what about you Fluffs?”

“Me?” She was caught off guard. Both Ragnarok and Athena looked at her, waiting for her to respond. “Well, I know Gust, Energy Ball, Safeguard, and Razor Leaf. Oh! And I am from the Fairy Colony.”

“Nice setup,” Ragnarok said, “I guess I’m a bit out of place being the only one here from the Hub.”

“What about you Athena?” Fluffs looked at her, still eating. “Where are you from?” Athena swallowed the last of the berry.

“I’m from the Hub.” She said.

“But Ragnarok said he’s the only one from the Hub.” Fluffs pointed out.

At that, both Athena’s and Ragnarok’s eyes shrank at the realization. They looked at each other, trying to figure out what to do. Fluffs looked at each of them, trying to figure out what was going on. Suddenly, Athena leaped off the root.

“Well, I guess we should get going.” She said quickly. “Let’s go Raganrok.”

“Right.” He nodded. Ragnarok retrieved his shield and slipped the handle through his blade. Then very quickly, he wrapped his arms over and under Athena’s left should and hung off her back.

“It was nice meeting you Fluffs.” Athena said before she ran off into the woods.

It all happened so fast for Fluffs. Just one simple question sent Athena and Ragnarok running away. Fluffs wanted to know more about these two. Athena was unlike any Gardevoir that she ever heard of. She didn’t know why, but she wanted to go with Athena where ever she was going. If her Safeguard showed Fluffs anything, it was that Athena and Ragnarok could use her help. So she puffed up her chest, and took off after the two.


Fluffs soared high above the ground, weaving between trees, trying to keep up with Athena and Ragnarok, who were running on the ground below. Fluffs had been following them for quite some time, keep a fair distance so that Athena and Ragnarok wouldn’t see her. It seemed to be working well; they had traveled about mile on foot through the woods without seeing her.

Suddenly, Athena stopped. She stood perfectly still. Fluffs panicked a dove behind a tree, out of sight. Athena turned her head and looked up toward the canopy. She then called out.

“Alright Fluffs, come on out.”

Fluffs sighed, acknowledging that she had been found, knowing full well that Athena probably knew she had been following her for a while now. She floated out from behind the tree and came to rest behind Athena. With Athena’s back to her, she and Ragnarok looked at Fluffs, who hung her head in shame.

“Why are you following us?” Athena asked the Whimsicott. Her head still down, Fluffs looked up at Athena and Ragnarok. She stammered, trying to find the right thing to say.

“Well…… see…..” Athena kept looking at her, Ragnarok’s gaze switched between Athena and Fluffs. “Can I come with you guys!?” Fluffs suddenly burst out. The Gardevoir looked over Fluffs.

“Absolutely not.” She said coldly. Fluffs eyes began to water, with Athena remaining still.

“Why?” Fluffs asked, sobbing could be heard being held back.

“I am on a dangerous journey. You just so happened to cross my path and became temporarily embroiled in my objective. You will most certainly get in the way, and I will not allow someone like you to be killed on my watch.” Fluffs was just about to start crying.

“Hold on Athena.” Ragnarok interjected. Athena looked at the sword on her back. Fluffs, eyes full of tears, looked too. “You may not want to do this, but I say Fluffs should join us.”

“Ragnarok, what are you saying?” she demanded. Fluffs eyes widened.

“Think about it. If it wasn’t for her, things may have not turned out the way they had. Don’t you remember?” Athena looked at Fluffs, trying to remember. Ragnarok helped her. “Fluffs used Safeguard when the Scraggy were volleying Sludge Bombs at you. With the Safeguard, you were able to switch from defense to offense and take out all those Scraggy. Also, you may not have noticed, but Fluffs was able to take out a Scraggy with Energy Ball and Gust all by herself. If you ask me, she is more than capable of handling herself.”

“Ragnarok…” Athena spoke.

“Give me a sec,” he continued, “you’ve also got to think of the advantage Fluffs would give us. She can fly and use Energy Ball from a distance. And with Safeguard, she would be an excellent support fighter for us. Again, if you ask me, Fluffs should definitely come with us.” He closed his eye in satisfaction. Fluffs was whipping the tears out of her eyes. She looked at Athena. She was looking down, thinking about what Ragnarok had said. After a while, Athena sighed heavily.

“Very well Fluffs, you can come with us.” A great big smile spread across Fluffs’s face. She couldn’t control herself. She flew toward Athena and hugged the back of her head.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” she shouted with delight. Athena cleared her throat loudly, indicating for Fluffs to stop. She weakly smiled, awkwardly patted Athena on the head, and came to rest floating next to her left shoulder. “Sorry, I’m just really excited for what will happen next.”
Hood’s fist was planted firmly in the Pokemon’s shield. It took him awhile to process what just happened, and all of the Scraggy were stunned by the encounter. Hood pulled his fist away and jumped a couple of feet back, giving him a better look at the warrior. Fluffs also took the opportunity to see who had saved her from certain death. The Pokemon was quite tall, with Hood only reaching midway up the Pokemon’s upper torso. A red triangular protrusion was seen on its chest, and the head was a green spherical shape. And with a long white dress-like lower half, Fluffs knew what Pokemon had saved her, without a shadow of a doubt.

“You’re a Gardevoir!”

The warrior turned and looked at Fluffs, her stern red eyes looked at the Whimsicott, confirming her kind with a small nod. She turned back toward Hood, who had finally acknowledged the Gardevoir standing before him.

“Well….this is new. I never thought I’d see the day when a Gardevoir would take up a sword and fight like a Scyther.” His remark reminded Fluffs that the Gardevoir was in fact armed. Fluffs looked at the sword and shield being used. The sword and shield both had a tinged gold color, with the shield having a unique design consisting of raised sections and black markings on it. The sword had a serrated tip and was about as big as the Gardevoir, but what was unique about it was the ribbon part that was wrapped tightly around the Gardevoir’s arm. Fluffs deduced that the ribbon was being used so that she wouldn’t lose her grip on the sword. It was truly awe-inspiring to see a Gardevoir about to fight in a way that was completely unnatural for the Embrace Pokemon.

“You are from the Evil Type aren’t you Scraffy?” the Gardevoir demanded. Fluffs had heard about the Evil Type within the Fairy Colony, but never thought they would come after her.

“Well, the lady sure knows her stuff.” Hood stated, his eyes closed, shrugging. But when he opened his eyes, the Gardevoir’s blade was right under his nose. Beads of sweat formed over Hood’s face and the Scraggy gasped. Fluffs was speechless.

“It is my civic duty to bring you to justice for all the evil things your kind has done.” She was just as stern and emotionless as she had been this whole time. Hood gulped, realizing the danger of the situation.

“Well… that case….” and with great power, Hood leaped back toward a tree, pushed off the trunk, and lunged at Gardevoir, his knee glowing red with the power of High Jump Kick. The Gardevoir used Psychic to lift a slap of earth in front of her and pushing it up as a wall. Hood crashed through the wall, just as the Gardevoir moved out of the way, still remaining completely emotionless. Hood clutched his knee in pain.

“Don’t just stand there! Help me out guys!” he called out to the Scraggy. They perked up from the conflict, and dove toward the Gardevoir. Standing completely motionless, she used Magical Leaf, throwing up thousands of surrounding leaves around her. The leaves caught the incoming Scraggy, spinning them around in the vortex, inflicting damage, and throwing them out in all directions. Some Scraggy were knocked unconscious, while others got up and began throwing multiple Sludge Bombs at the Gradevoir. She used her sword and shield to block and destroy the incoming attacks in a smooth fluid motion. The Scraggy didn’t stop their attack. Fluffs stared in amazement at the Gardevoir’s movements. But she saw that the Gardevoir was beginning to slow down. In no time, the Scraggy would gain the upper hand.

I have to do something. She thought to herself. Then she had an idea. She pushed her arms out and a blue light began to glow in her hands.

“Let me help you!” she cried out, shooting the light at the Gardevoir. She turned to see the light heading straight toward her, but understood it would help her. The light hit the Gardervoir, enveloping her in a blue glow. With the aid, she dispelled the incoming Sludge Bombs and went straight for the Scraggy.

“She has Safeguard!” Hood shouted, having recovered from his recoil. “Someone take care of that puff ball.” One of the remaining Scraggy turned his attention to Fluffs. He charged a Sludge Bomb in his hand and threw it at her. Fluffs saw the attack coming and prepared to intercept. She charged a glowing ball of green energy in her hands and launched Energy Ball at the Sludge Bomb. The attacks collided, exploding in smoke and green fire. The Scraggy continued his assault on Fluffs, running in for a powerful Iron Head. Fluffs summoned a strong Gust attack. The Scraggy got caught in Gust and was thrown toward the Gardevoir, who quickly batted away the Scraggy and continued her fight with the others. Hood was now furious, jumping in front of Fluffs. She gasped.

“If you want something done right….” he glared at Fluffs, who trembled in fear, “you gotta do it yourself.” But just before he could even prepare an attack, several leaves floated past him. There was complete silence in the woods. Hood had a bad feeling about what he was about to see. He slowly turned around and saw the utter carnage. The Gardevoir stood motionless, her expression still the same, her blade dripping with blood, and numerous Scraggy lying motionless around her. Dead.

“Wha….what….what are you?” he struggled to find his voice. The Gardevoir said nothing, but started to walk over to him. Fluffs was now the most scared that she had ever been in her life. She didn’t know who to be more afraid of: Hood, or the Gardevoir.

“WHAT KIND OF EMBRACE POKEMON ARE YOU!!??” he shouted. The Gardevoir stopped just in front of him.

“I’m not the Embrace Pokemon. I’m the Valkyrie Pokemon.” she stated. And with one swift motion, she slammed the side of her blade into Hood’s head, sending him careening into a tree, knocking him unconscious. Fluffs was breathing hard. Now it was just her and the Gardevoir, if that even was a Gardevoir. Then she spoke to Fluffs, not menacing at all.

“It’s ok little Whimsicott. You are safe now.” Fluffs froze up.

“You’re not going to hurt me are you?” she asked, her voice wavering.

“No I am not. You can rest easy knowing that.” The Gardevoir then walked over to a tree and sat on one of the exposed roots, breathing a sigh of relief from the conflict. Fluffs’ fear had now changed to curiosity. She floated over to the Gardevoir. She looked up and her.

“Thank you for saving ma’am. My name is Fluffs. What’s yours?” Fluffs cocked her head to the side. The Gardevoir looked at the Whimsicott for a couple of seconds, and then answered.

“My name is Athena.”
The air was crystal clear and the sun shone through the forest canopy, creating a picturesque view of the forest life. Pidove and Starly flocks flew through the air, and the air was quite temperate. It couldn’t have been a more beautiful day.

“The Fairy Pokemon are going to love this batch of Pecha Berries I found. A whole basket full will surely put a smile on everyone’s face.” Fluffs said as she cheerfully floated through the air about a couple feet off the ground.

Fluffs was a resident of the Fairy Colony, and probably one of the happiest Pokemon in the whole colony. Being a Whimsicott, she was a small Pokemon with a brown body and head, with a large ball of fluffy cotton on the back of her head, larger than her whole body. She floated through the air like a leaf in the breeze. In her little hands was a basket woven out of twigs and long grass. In the basket was a haul of pink colored berries. These were Pecha Berries, popular among Fairy Pokemon for the poison curing abilities, and the basket had around 15 berries of varying sizes. Fluffs was taking the basket full of berries to her home in the Fairy Colony to share with the rest of the colonists. The colony was still a ways away, but Fluffs knew her way through the area to the main road toward the colony, so she wasn’t worried at all.

The forest itself was teeming with life. Patrat and Minccino scurried through the tree branches above, and Dunsparce, Caterpie, and Scatterbug crawled on the ground through grass and moss. Burmy and Kakuna could be seen hanging from the branches, and Fluffs gleefully floated by, a smile on her face, thinking nothing could go wrong on the wonderful day.

Just up ahead, a Scraggy walked out from behind a tree. It quickly climbed up a rock in front of Fluffs’ path, turned toward her, and looked intently at her. Fluffs stopped where she was, a bit unnerved at the Scraggy’s behavior. She looked over to her left, which was clear, and back to the Scraggy, who was still staring her down. Fluffs weakly smiled at him, and began to make her way to the left-side clearing. But just before she got there, another Scraggy appeared, blocking her way, and starring her down as well. Fluffs frantically turned around, only to see three more Scraggy in front of her. Even worse though, Fluffs realized that she was completely surrounded. She looked up, only to see more Scraggy in the trees, blocking any sort of aerial escape. Fluffs had no way out.

“Where do you think you’re going Whimsy?” one the Scraggy taunted. Fluffs was too scared to reply.

“You look like you could use some help.” Another spoke up. Just then, he jumped up toward Fluffs, his head began shining bright as he closed in on Fluffs. She recognized the attack as Iron Head, and instinctively raised the basket to block the attack. The Scraggy’s head bashed through the basket, shredding it and sending the Pecha Berries flying in all directions. Unharmed, Fluffs desperately tried to find a way out, only for the three Scraggy behind her to use Rock Tomb to not only seal her in, but also give them a vantage point on her. Fluffs was breathing hard, her chest pumping up and down. The Scraggy noticed how scared the Whimsicott was and began giggling to themselves, impressed by their work. One of them looked up into the canopy and shouted.

“Hey Boss! We got her!” A couple seconds later, a large figure fell from the canopy and landed upright, its back facing Fluffs.

“Good work boys,” he complimented the Scraggy.

“No problem Hood,” one of the Scraggy responded, confirming the figure’s identity. The figure turned around to Fluffs, revealing himself to be a Scrafty. Fluffs had never been more scared in her entire life; her heart was about to explode out of her chest.

“You know little girl,” Hood said slyly, his fist glowing purple with a Poison Jab, “its dangerous to be alone in the woods like this.” He raised his fist, ready to strike down Fluffs. She closed her eyes. The fist flew toward Fluffs, but instead of feeling the Poison Jab, Fluffs heard a loud metallic bang. She slowly opened her eyes to see what happened. Hood did use Poison Jab in her direction, but something blocked the attack. Hood now had a scared look on his face as he looked up to what blocked his attack. Fluffs looked up as well, to see a tall, slender figure stand between her and Hood, wielding a large sword in its right hand, and a large shield in its left. And in the shock and silence, a soft, feminine voice came from the unknown Pokemon.

“I will not let you lay a hand on her, Evil Type.”


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