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Chapter 10: Life Long Nightmare
It took Athena awhile to process the information that had been presented to her, as did Fluffs. Nightmare; the strongest Dark Type in the world, and was most well known as a pacifist. The Pitch Black Pokemon spoke out for the discrimination of innocent Dark Type Pokemon, persuading the world that not all Dark Types were inherently evil or bad. Fluffs, when she was a little Cottonee, remembered hearing about Nightmare’s rallies. She remembered that the Fairy Colony residents, especially the Matriarch, held Nightmare in high regard. But when the Evil Type destroyed the Psychic Colony, all support for Dark Type equality vanished. Athena was able to put it together that Nightmare, know full well that there was nothing he could do, fled from the public eye, hiding in the Forest of Darkness and had Yin and Yang protect him and the forest from any intruders. Now, many years later, Athena had come to Nightmare, needing his help.
“I can’t believe it is you.” She stammere
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Chapter 9: Where the Darkness Lies
The room was silent save for Athena’s sobbing. Everyone was still trying to comprehend this revelation about her. The idea of a survivor from the Psychic Colony was ludicrous; no one survived the attack. Galahad, still holding onto Athena, stood up straight and no longer pushed her against the wall. He now was holding her up, preventing her from falling to her knees. She had basically lost all control, even the power to stand up. Fluffs couldn’t believe how much of a wreck Athena was in this moment. Galahad looked at the distraught Gardevoir.
“Athena, how did it happen?” he asked. Athena just could not compose herself. She continued to cry. “Athena, please.” Still no response.
“I can answer that for you.” Ragnarok spoke up. Galahad, Fluffs, Cobalt, and Shinobi looked at him.
“You can?” Galahad asked.
“Yes.” And the blade began to tell the story of Athena.
The Psychic Colony was Athena’s home, the only home sh
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Chapter 8: The Secrets that We Hide
Fluffs was a bit unnerved by Shinobi. The idea that his tongue was wrapped around his face just didn’t sit well with her. It just didn’t seem right. And on top of that, he was a Dark Type. The only Dark Types Fluffs had seen were Hood and Venom, both of which wanted her and her friends dead. Shinobi was going to have to do something big for her to fully trust him. For now, she decided to stay either near or behind Ragnarok. Athena stood before the Ninja Pokemon, prepared to get the answers she desired.
“I need to ask you some questions Shinobi.” Athena said. “Questions pertaining to a Dark Type’s unique energy.”
“Interesting.” Shinobi rubbed his chin. “What kind of energy do you speak of?”
“Energy that can lead me to a specific Dark Type somewhere in the world.”
At that, Shinobi’s eyes narrowed on Athena. Much like Fluffs to Shinobi, he was going to need Athena to do something big for him to trust her.
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Chapter 7: Cobalt and the Dark Type
The group of four had made their way through the woods until they came to a dirt road. Galahad headed right, with Athena and Fluffs following behind. As they walked, numerous Pokemon walked either past them, around them, or stayed a safe distance behind them. Carts hauled by Tauros and Gogoat traveled by as well, with different goods and products being delivered to different colonies or areas within the Hub. The Hub was a central area on the continent that was bordered on all sides by the different colonies. All Pokemon could live in the Hub and most of the shops, meeting areas, government offices, and other services were located in the Hub. Residential areas were much larger than those of the colonies due to the high accessibility for all Pokemon types. While each colony was geared more toward their patron type, the Hub was inviting for all types. Galahad’s friend was in a Juice Bar somewhere in the Hub, but luckily knew which one he was at.
“Are we almost there Galahad?
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Chapter 6: Enter the Galant Blade
Venom stood in shock as his partner lay dead on the ground, all the while still holding Fluffs and Ragnarok firmly. The Gallade turned his attention to the hulking Ogre Scorpion Pokemon. Venom bared his fangs at him, preparing to avenge his fallen comrade.
“Good luck trying to fight with your hands and tail full,” the Gallade said, indicating Fluffs and Ragnarok.
“Do you think I can’t fight you like this!?” Venom shouted back in fury.
“Let’s see.” The Gallade pulled his right arm back, extending his right blade out. The blade then began to glow in a shade of black, crackling with bolts of dark energy. Athena recognized the attack as Night Slash. The Gallade charged forward, slashing at Venom, but he was fast enough to dodge the attack. The Gallade tried again, but still the attack didn’t connect. As the Gallade charged forward for a third attempt, Venom spun around, dragging his tail, with Ragnarok still in it, on the ground, sendin
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Pokemon Crisis Chapter 5: The Evil Type
Venom’s claw slammed into the ground, sending earth and rock exploding out in all directions. Athena and Fluffs dodged the attack, with Fluffs flying up high to get a good vantage and Athena jumping off a nearby tree to get behind the Drapion. Hood, standing on top of Venom’s head, kept an eye on both Fairy Types as they moved around them. He turned toward Athena and lobbed a Sludge Bomb her way. Athena raised Ragnarok’s shield, he activated King’s Shield, and the Sludge Bomb harmlessly splatted across the shield; beads of poison goo rolling off the shining metal. Fluffs took the opportunity to launch Energy Ball at Hood, but Venom intercepted the attacking with his claws using X-Scissor.
“Honestly girls, you don’t’ stand a chance against me and Venom. Not only are we of the Evil Type, the most powerful type in the world, but we have the advantage with our poison attacks.” Hood exclaimed, standing smugly on his partner.
“Why are you
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Pokemon Crisis Chapter 4: We Forgot Something...
The forest had returned to its calm nature. The chirps and squeaks of various Pokemon could be heard in the distance and the air was nice and cool. Athena continued her walk through the woods, with Ragnarok hanging on her back and Fluffs floating beside her. The Windveiled Pokémon drifted through the air, smiling and humming to herself, excited to be heading toward…..
“Hey, I’ve been meaning to ask,” Fluffs said. Athena turned to her. “Where are we going?” The Gardevoir looked forward.
“Wherever the wind takes us,” she responded.
Fluffs squinted her eyes at Athena. “Are you saying that just because I’m here?” She giggled at her joke, but Athena said nothing.
“I get it!” Ragnarok chimed in, acknowledging Fluffs joke.
“Thanks Ragnarok.” Fluffs said. “But in all seriousness, is that how you travel? You guys literally wander around until something happens?”
“Not usually, but rig
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Pokemon Crisis Chapter 3: Party of Three
“That’s a lovely name.” Fluffs complemented Athena. “I guess it’s fitting for someone like you.” She giggled at the comparison, but Athena didn’t laugh at all. Silence fell over the woods. Fluffs had the break the awkwardness somehow. So she quickly flew over to some of the Pecha Berries that had been dropped in the battle with the Scraggy and flew back to Athena. She held out a berry for her.
“It’s the least that I can do for saving me.” Fluffs waved the berry in her hand, waiting for Athena to take it. But Athena only looked at the sword and shield still in her hands. Fluffs soon noticed that her hands were “full”. “Oh, I totally forgot.”
“As did I,” Athena said, “pardon me one moment.” She slipped her left hand out of the shield, placing the metal disk on the tree root. Then she looked at the sword. “Ragnarok, you can let go now.”
Fluffs was confused. Why would Ath
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Pokemon Crisis Chapter 2: The Valkyrie Pokemon
Hood’s fist was planted firmly in the Pokemon’s shield. It took him awhile to process what just happened, and all of the Scraggy were stunned by the encounter. Hood pulled his fist away and jumped a couple of feet back, giving him a better look at the warrior. Fluffs also took the opportunity to see who had saved her from certain death. The Pokemon was quite tall, with Hood only reaching midway up the Pokemon’s upper torso. A red triangular protrusion was seen on its chest, and the head was a green spherical shape. And with a long white dress-like lower half, Fluffs knew what Pokemon had saved her, without a shadow of a doubt.
“You’re a Gardevoir!”
The warrior turned and looked at Fluffs, her stern red eyes looked at the Whimsicott, confirming her kind with a small nod. She turned back toward Hood, who had finally acknowledged the Gardevoir standing before him.
“Well….this is new. I never thought I’d see the day when a Gardevoir wou
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Pokemon Crisis Chapter 1: The Horde Attacks
The air was crystal clear and the sun shone through the forest canopy, creating a picturesque view of the forest life. Pidove and Starly flocks flew through the air, and the air was quite temperate. It couldn’t have been a more beautiful day.
“The Fairy Pokemon are going to love this batch of Pecha Berries I found. A whole basket full will surely put a smile on everyone’s face.” Fluffs said as she cheerfully floated through the air about a couple feet off the ground.
Fluffs was a resident of the Fairy Colony, and probably one of the happiest Pokemon in the whole colony. Being a Whimsicott, she was a small Pokemon with a brown body and head, with a large ball of fluffy cotton on the back of her head, larger than her whole body. She floated through the air like a leaf in the breeze. In her little hands was a basket woven out of twigs and long grass. In the basket was a haul of pink colored berries. These were Pecha Berries, popular among Fairy Pokemon for the pois
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Pokemon Crisis
            In a world much like ours, there lived Pokemon and nothing else. Humans were just a figment of someone’s imagination and had never come into existence. So the various kinds of Pokemon “evolved” into a civilized society that interconnected the various types and kinds of Pokemon. One distinct thing that came out of this event was the formation of various colonies for the different types of Pokemon. Each colony was dedicated to a specific type of Pokemon. While most Pokemon of different types could come visit and/or do business with the types in that colony, only Pokemon that fit that specific type could be allowed to live in that colony; i.e. electric Pokemon could live in the electric colony, but ground types could not; but they still could visit and trade. In this world, there was a colony for each type of Pokemon, and all lived in peace and harmony. But that was soon about to c
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